Southern Femisphere has a new song "Madruga" out from their new EP coming out with out good buddies Standard Issue on Friday, 1/31. Check it out and go buy one at the release show if you are in Charleston on Friday.
Posted on: Sun., Jan. 26 9:56AM

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Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one microphone recording series!

Today marks the completion of one full year of posting single microphone recordings every week. We've been lucky enough to have some truly beautiful and amazing songs performed by all kinds of wonderful bands and individuals from around the country.

This week we welcome home Jordan Blackmon of Pussy Wizard playing a song we released on a 7" split along with Pandercakes earlier this year.

Although the weekly part of this project is done, we're working on a way to commemorate all the wonderful recordings and drawings we've acquired, and I'm sure they'll creep up every once in again as we make new friends and record more songs of them playing. Thanks so much to everyone who has listened, shared, or played a CASUAL FRIDAY for us this year. Here's looking to all the growth and progression we're facing in 2014.

Forever with love,
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Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series.

For this, our penultimate post for the year (and I guess our Christmas post...), we welcome Orphan Party which is made up of Mike from Happiness Bomb and Era from the Good Witch. In this song, they somehow keep it laid back but still heavy using nothing but their voices, electric guitar, kick drum, and tamborine, all over a bed of ambient sounds created by our daughters watching them play. And the fact that everyone was sitting around a Christmas tree and watching a fireplace burn in a TV helps to warm everything up.

keep it casual this holiday season.
Posted on: Fri., Dec. 20 2:35PM

Congrats to Coma Cinema, Pandercakes, Pussy Wizard, Those Lavender Whales, and Sein zum Tode for all making the Free-Times top 20 year end list. Check out the article here to see the kind words that were said as well as peep a ton of other amazing artists!

Posted on: Wed., Dec. 18 10:42AM

Welcome everybody to another chapter in the ongoing saga CASUAL FRIDAYS! This week's installment is brought to you by School Dance!

School Dance is a duo from Philadelphia, PA that plays dreamy synth-pop songs with a lo-fi, handmade quality to it. Allison sings and plays keyboards while Sam plays a makeshift drum kit (including suitcase kick drum) assembled around a vibraphone (minus the vibrato part, so not a vibraphone?)that he simultaneously plays throughout the song.

Posted on: Fri., Dec. 13 8:47AM

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