Buy a copy online in our store, or if you live in Columbia, SC swing by Papa Jazz to get yourself a copy!
Posted on: Wed. Mar. 20 7:24AM

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Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series!

This week we welcome The Lovely Few into our home. The Lovely Few are part of Hearts & Plugs (another SC record label that is made up of some good buddies of ours), and use this "casual" situation to forego their usual programmed blips, bleeps, & bloops, and perform their song "Cassiopeia" with an acoustic guitar and an amped synth. We were also lucky enough to have our friends over at SceneSC come over and capture the whole thing on a fancy video camera, so not only can your eyes rest on a beautiful rendition of a hamburger clad businessman (by Jordan Blackmon), but also some moving pictures of The Lovely Few playing their lovely song. ENJOY!

The Lovely Few are also playing a show NEXT SATURDAY in Columbia, SC at the Fountain Room in Tapp's Art Center with Mr. Jenkins! I Think they are planning exciting surprises for it!

Posted on: Fri. Mar. 15 7:00AM

We are so, so happy to welcome Sein zum Tode to our evergrowing Fork & Spoon family!

Playing self-proclaimed "avant-garde extreme metalish musics," their new album "BEEEP." features an otherworldly symphony of starts, stops, blasts, vocal effects, speed ups, slow downs, samples, and the sounds of 1 million drums being played without abandon (ok maybe more like 27 drums?). Confused? Ok. Us, too. But whatever it is, it's super fun and meticulously made. We really love this album and we're really excited to be able to help with it's existence.

"BEEEP." will be available on CD on March 19th and is available for PREORDER HERE!! Or you can pick up a copy at their next show on March 18th at New Brookland Tavern with Behold...the Arctopus & Wexico!

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Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series!

Chaz has been one of our dearest friends and has been a member of the Fork & Spoon family since it's loose conception back in high school. All of us would spend our time skateboarding, recording music, and playing shows around town together. The great thing about that is it's still happening except instead of playing shows around town, they're getting to play shows around the world. Give this acoustic version of an old, old song called "We'll Laugh" a listen, and make sure you go see them play sometime soon!

Posted on: Fri. Mar. 8 7:08AM

WELCOME BACK TO CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly installments of casual, one-microphone recordings!

This Casual Friday we are so, so lucky to present you this performance of Gringo Star playing "Going Way Out" (the A-side from their newest 7-inch). Our good friend, Cameron Gardner, has been filling in on drums with Gringo Star on some tours lately, so when they came through Columbia a few weeks ago they were kind enough to stop by our house and record a song (after a crash course in upright bass, a change from air organ to keyboard, and a search for missing cables) before they had to load in for their show. It's always fun to see full bands adapt to playing into one microphone, and I hope Gringo Star enjoyed adapting as much as we are enjoying the product of their adaptation.

Make sure to try to catch them on THEIR UPCOMING TOUR to and from SXSW and pick up a new 7" while you're at it!

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So you've been holding out on ordering a Fork & Spoon shirt because white just isn't your color and grey doesn't accent your eyes enough? Well, just for you, we've printed up some new ARMY GREEN shirts with NAVY BLUE ink, and boy, oh, boy do they look swell!

Just click that link and check it out, and before you know it, I'm sure you'll have a new fancy t-shirt headed toward you in the mail.

100% cotton. 100% love.
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