an update for those of you who have ordered "Posthumous Release" on vinyl…

Dear friends who purchased “Posthumous Release” on vinyl,

We want to thank you again and again and again for your patience. It has been an insanely irritating, exhausting and dodgy time in dealing with the pressing plant.

A couple of hours ago we received an email from United saying they have yet again ruined one of the plates (the a-side this time. This happened to the b-side in May). They made it sound like they would get the new plates in the next few days (but we have heard that from them before…). There is no reason a label should wait five months for a record to be pressed (we sent them the money, plates, jackets and inserts back in March). And at the same time there is no reason a customer should wait two months for a product they have paid for. We will continue to call United multiple times a week, excitedly post pictures of us listening to the test pressing whenever we get those in, and put your beautiful slab of wax in the mail as soon as we get them… and until then we will try to come up with goodies to throw in with your record as soon as they can ship.

Sincerest apologies to you (the listeners) for this delay and additional apologies to our friend Mr Cothran for such a crappy mishandling of his record. Such beautiful music deserves a plant that will treat it much more timely and professionally. If anyone knows of such a place, please introduce us.

Please please please feel free to contact us anytime ( or any of us individually (,, if you have any questions/concerns/complaints/comments.

infinite love,

Fork and Spoon (Jordan)