Dearest Columbia,
Have you ever heard of Arts & Draughts at the Columbia Museum of Art? If not, it's a quarterly event where the art museum opens after hours, offers interactive exhibits and projects, features a beer (provided by the Whig), gets food trucks to part outside, has bands playing, all while having normal exhibits open to see as well. It's a super-duper time, and this quarter they asked us to help in booking some fun music. We're super excited to shake our tail bones to Helado Negro, along with Those Lavender Whales, Los Perdidos, & all the while Chris Wenner will be spinning records. It's happening this Friday, February 1st. You should come.

“AWWW man, dudes. I'd love to, but I just don't have $8 to get in,” you say? GOOD NEWS! We've got some tickets to give away, so we thought we would have a kind of contest! We're going to ask some F&S/SC related trivia questions on our Facebook, Twitter, & Tumblr today, tomorrow, & Thursday. The first two people to answer the question correctly win two tickets each to Friday's Arts & Draughts.