Pussy Wizard

Jordan Blackmon has played in numerous groups over the last several years, the most notable act being Toro Y Moi; all the while, making music of his own. At the start, these solo works went under the moniker Brave Horatius, but seldom were people outside of his closest friends exposed to these songs. Blackmon put a paralyzing amount of expectations on the project resulting in the material going through constant revisions and being rerecording, yet never saw proper release. Frustrated with the discontent he felt towards the project Blackmon abandoned the Brave Horatious moniker in 2011. He then took on the alias Pussy Wizard, a name coined by a friend when describing an illustration by Blackmon of a Wizard riding the back of a flying cat. The two found humor in the combination of words agreeing that it would make a good name for an R&B artist. Blackmon took on the alias feeling that it was quite contrary to his own personality with the intention of avoiding the seriousness one can create about their own art.

Latest news

On Monday, March 17, Aaron Graves, bandleader of Those Lavender Whales and founder of Fork and Spoon Records, asked a doctor friend about the sudden trouble he was having with his vision. He was advised to go to the emergency room the next day. By that Friday, he was receiving a biopsy at Duke University on an inoperable brain tumor. Aaron is a positive force in the world and a cornerstone to the community of his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. Whether hosting a monthly potluck at the Fork and Spoon Headquarters or creating giant arms to hug the audience at a Those Lavender Whales show, it is impossible not to feel his love. Our community has made it a point to make sure that the love is returned in this difficult time for Aaron and his family. The local record store, the recording studio, bars, the burrito spot, the skateboard shop, friends, family, strangers — everyone is making an effort. Tidings From Our Light Purple Gam is Fork and Spoon's contribution to this massive display of love and friendship.


(album art by Sam Spina)

Tidings From Our Light Purple Gam (available on CD and digitally July 15)

1. Those Lavender Whales — "I'm So Proud (Of My Friends)"

2. Mike Collins Jr. — "Come On Out" (featuring Baby Willis)

3. Astronauts, Etc — "Coldboy"

4. of Montreal — "Did You See His Name?" (Kinks cover)

5. PWIZ — "Makin' Do"

6. Say Brother — "Each Every Day and Night"

7. Painted Palms — "Big Balloon"

8. Snake Feathers — "Mer Ka Ba"

9. Kid Trails — "Vortex"

10. Can't Kids — "Bite My Butt"

11. Helado Negro — "Meeting Friend"

12. Schooner — "I'll Be Here"

13. Sadie Dupuis — "Zone"

14. Haints in the Holler — "Reasons"

15. Yes Yes — "Security Guards"

16. Toro y Moi — "Dog Days”

17. Bombadil — "Pretty Fine Fellow"

A big thank you to the kind folks at the Jam Room for donating studio time to master the compilation. Another big thank you to all the artists for contributing their amazing music. Preview the song "Coldboy" by Astronauts, Etc HERE, and be sure to check out their EP coming out this fall on LA-based Hit City USA.

A listening party/potluck for Tidings is being held at the New Brookland Tavern in Columbia, South Carolina, on Monday, July 14th at 7 pm. Come hang out, share food, have a drink, and listen to the album from start to finish the day prior to it's official release. We will have copies for sale (as well as the rest of the still-in-print Fork and Spoon discography). And most importantly, all profits from this record will go to help the Graves family through these difficult times. All positivity generated by this record will go towards helping Aaron beat this stupid thing in his brain. Updates and other ways to help can be found on Aaron's website. Also, feel free to shoot him some positive messages as he starts radiation treatment at Duke!!! Thank you in advance for your help and generosity. With love (always), Fork and Spoon Records


Posted on: Tue., Jul. 1 11:24AM