Our favorite skateboard shop in the entire world turns ten years old this fall.  CONGRATS BLUETILE!
We have all been lurking there since day one and wanted to share our appreciation/help celebrate this monumental occasion. On the weekend of September 29th and 30th, join us at the New Brookland Tavern for two evenings of live music, skate videos, free stuff, and the most ultimate celebration for one of the truest supporters of that wooden rolling toy we have ever seen.
9/29: your ears will be treated to the sounds of Those Lavender Whales, Can't Kids, Say Brother, and an afterparty soundtracked by the sweet sounds of Columbia's favoritest SINDOOLAH.
9/30: internet sensation/rock powerhouse Teen Suicide will be making their first South Carolina appearance with an unfathomable amount of additional rocking from Coma Cinema and the Choir Quit. Then the party will be closed with a DJ set from TORO Y MOI!
What else to expect? Skateboard videos galore, free stuff being thrown at you, SURPRISES, beverages!, a creepy drunk person falling asleep on the pool table, DUDES, LADIES, AND NOT BEING ABLE TO COMPREHEND THE AMOUNT OF FUN YOU ARE HAVING. Sad? NOT ANYMORE!
BUT there is some fine print to that flyer. The only advanced tickets to be sold are WEEKEND PASSES FOR ONLY $20… AND we promise you there will be a big awesome bonus to buying that weekend pass. We will let you know what that surprise is on August 15th (when the tickets go on sale).
Shoe Goo up your shredding shoes, dust off your two left dancing shoes, and join us for the truest party of rad on September 29th and 30th!