BRAVE HORATIUS (2001-2011)

Jordan Blackmon is one-third of the guts and body of Fork & Spoon Records. He helps make sure we are doing things we can be proud of and are doing them the right way, and also does all of the Casual Friday drawings. He also makes really amazing songs under the name Pussy Wizard. A long time before Pussy Wizard, he made beautiful songs under the name Brave Horatius. In high school/college, a lot of us spent a lot of time playing and recording these songs in various forms with Jordan (though he was never fully satisfied with the results) as each and every new Brave Horatius song became our new favorite song.

I'm really glad a lot of these recordings are finally housed in a “complete” collection. It's a perfect introduction to the roots of Pussy Wizard (and another step closer to me not having to burn so many people copies of my old CD-r's that my friends put out that are still good).