Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series!

Every week seems to offer up a new first, and this week is the first time we haven't posted CASUAL FRIDAY on Friday. Sometimes you just go trick-or-treating with your daughter, watch a scary movie with your buddies, wake up to go to work early, and realize you haven't edited a song for CASUAL FRIDAY! Oh no! We actually got it on Soundcloud and Facebook yesterday, so if you follow us on one of those thingies, you heard it. If not, here you go…

The Prairie Willows is a folk trio of friendly ladies from Columbia who wash over you with sweet, sweet melodies with accompaniment from guitar and violin. Close your eyes and give it a listen.

If you live in Columbia, they'll be playing at the UU Coffeehouse tonight (Saturday night!) with Dayna Kurtz!