Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series. This week we welcome our Chucktown homies BORING PORTALS.

For this session, Emily learned how to the play the upright bass in half an hour or less, and despite her previous unfamiliarity with the instrument, did not shy away form playing it properly (other examples of this will surly surface in the not so distant future… Casual Friday foreshadowing for those in the know)! In addition to Emily rising to the occasion, Bret offers an off the cuff guitar shed fest only to be matched by Jole's meticulous melodica-ing (while also playing drums), leaving Scott's rhythmic chordal strums and strong vocal delivery no lesser function than to be the glue to hold everything together. What a fun time!

Also, peep Mirror Universe to check out the awesome compilation “Whatever It Is You're Doing Now” that Boring Portals and a ton of other amazing artist will be featured on.