I knew of Aaron before I actually knew him because he was the kid that went to Ridgeview that could do 540 kickflips. After learning that this impossibility was possible, I spent countless hours in my driveway flailing my board around with no luck. Then Chris and I started skateboarding with him and his weird bag of tricks started to make sense.

A few months later, Chris and I started playing in a band with him. We would write a song. My guitar part would be done, Chris's bass part would be done, but Aaron would make me keep playing it over and over so he could make a better drum part. A few minutes later we realized that the fast, animalistic, nonsensical drum part he was playing over and over was in fact quite intricately structured and began to define that moment of the song. All that racket made sense.

Two years ago, Aaron, Chris and I turned this musical-friendship society into a record label. Often times our focus and attention would get directed towards who/what we were putting out and trying to get press people/blog folks to listen to it, while Aaron was always steadfast on keeping the focus towards our community. Fork and Spoon would lack half the heart it has if it wasn't for Aaron's priorities. And with the constantly increasing amount of love we get from our hometown (COLASC!), Aaron's priorities make perfect sense.

Today is a very special day. Today is Aaron's birthday. If you see him give him a hug. If you internet him thank him for his amazing ideas and enormous heart. Either way, shower him with all the love he deserves. Thanks Aaron! Happy Birthday!