INDIE GRITS 2013!!!!

If you're ever going to get excited about a festival in Columbia, Indie Grits Festival is the one to do get your giddy pants on about. Indie Grits does the perfect job combining and balancing everything good about arts in the south. High-brow, low-brow, experimental, and traditional all get thrown in and mixed together to an amazing 10 day event we're glad happens right here in Columbia. There's so much good going on that we can't possibly summarize it all (check out the Indie Grits website for that), but we can tell you about all the music events we are excited about….

Friday 4/12 – Opening Party with Say Brother & Royal Tinfoil – There's no question we're proud of our buddies Say Brother, and Charleston's Royal Tinfoil is just as much rollicking fun. This party is FREE & out in the open on Main Street!

Saturday 4/13 – Spork In Hand Puppet Slam featuring Those Lavender Whales – If you look back at puppet shows fondly and wish you could go see a puppet show geared more towards you now as an adult, this is for you. Performances by all kinds of experimental puppeteers from all over the south, and music by Those Lavender Whales (with some special puppet collaborations, too!).

4/15 – Cinemovements – Instead of music being scored to film, this event flips and flops it all. You get to see five silent films that were commissioned to match five compositions performed by the SC Philharmonic. It's going to be epic.

4/17 – Pizza Party with Belk Boys & Yacht Rock DJ Adam Cox – How could you not be excited about Yacht Rock & Pizza?

4/18 – Dent May, Dog Bite, & People Person – Three really amazing bands playing really amazing songs together at the same show. THIS IS GOING TO BE MAGICAL!

4/19 – Happiness Bomb & Burnt Books – Happiness Bomb is an explosion of stoner metal & puppets that is sure to bring you into a state of utter amazement, and Burnt Books is a giant force of legendary hardcore bands forming together to make some of the best heavy music in our town.