After several months talk talk talking, we are oh-so-super-happy to announce the addition of Pandercakes and Pussy Wizard to the Fork and Spoon family. You too can celebrate this wonderful news by preordering a copy of their split 7" (which will officially be released on April 9th). One home-recorded pop jam from each artist (mastered at the wonderful Joe Lambert Mastering Studios) can spin in circles on your turntable very soon!! ORDER NOW

In addition to the split, each artist has added an additional piece of merchandise to our store. We will be releasing Pandercake's 2012 debut EP "Paint By Numbers" on cassette as well as a new heavy metalified Pussy Wizard t-shirt. And for a limited time only, you can snag some combinations of the three items (#1, #2, #3) from our online shop for a slightly discounted rate!!!!

Happy Wednesday!
Posted on: Tue. Apr. 2 11:44PM

Tagged Bands: Pandercakes Pussy Wizard