Congrats to Coma Cinema, Pandercakes, Pussy Wizard, Those Lavender Whales, and Sein zum Tode for all making the Free-Times top 20 year end list. Check out the article here to see the kind words that were said as well as peep a ton of other amazing artists!

Posted on: Wed. Dec. 18 10:42AM

Welcome everybody to another chapter in the ongoing saga CASUAL FRIDAYS! This week's installment is brought to you by School Dance!

School Dance is a duo from Philadelphia, PA that plays dreamy synth-pop songs with a lo-fi, handmade quality to it. Allison sings and plays keyboards while Sam plays a makeshift drum kit (including suitcase kick drum) assembled around a vibraphone (minus the vibrato part, so not a vibraphone?)that he simultaneously plays throughout the song.

Posted on: Fri. Dec. 13 8:47AM

Sent off the first batch yesterday afternoon!!! More will be hitting the post office soon, so keep an eye on your mailboxes!

Right now you can only get it here at the Fork and Spoon online shop, but have your local record store get in touch with us if you'd like to see some copies there. And to all the record stores that have hit us up: we are crunching some numbers and will get a wholesale catalog to you shortly.
Posted on: Mon. Dec. 9 10:16PM

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Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series! Tape Waves from Charleston, SC stopped by our house one evening before a show and played this perfect dream pop jam.

Posted on: Fri. Dec. 6 10:01AM

Next tuesday, December 10, we will be releasing a 7" of new songs by Chaz Bundick of Toro y Moi. The project is called Sides of Chaz and in it Bundick takes a more playful and even less conventional approach towards his pop tunes. Our buddies over at Portals said some nice things about the track earlier today.

If you are so inclined, Pre-Orders are available now in our Store, but the pressing is limited to 500 copies so ya know… don't sleep on it or nothin.
Posted on: Tue. Dec. 3 11:59AM

Tagged Bands: Sides of Chaz

Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series!

This week we welcome the Post Timey String Band. They blend folk, old timey, and pop into a big ball of catchy infectious yarn. It's a great song to eat Thanksgiving leftovers to!

Posted on: Fri. Nov. 29 12:30PM