Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series.

Two of our good friends, Noah Brock & Sean Thomson, play in a band called Ghost At The Feast. Noah writes some beautiful folk songs, and Sean does a great job and providing a good atmosphere/accompaniment without being overbearing. To me the best part about folk music is the minimalism of the recordings and the sounds of the surroundings that often work themselves into the performance. 95% of Casual Fridays are recorded in the living room at F&S HQ, oftentimes with my daughter running around watching, listening, and helping, so I was excited that Noah & Sean were equally excited about the sounds in this recording that weren't necessarily written into their songs.

Posted on: Fri. Oct. 18 10:37AM

Dylan & Dayne are a brother sister duo along with their good, good friend Keith. We've known them FOREVER and they play these beautiful, noodly folk songs that won't leave your brain alone after you listen to it. They are also the most casual of any Casual Fridayers. So casual, in fact, they almost recorded this laying down in the living room.

Dylan is in Europe right now playing guitar in Washed Out. Dayne plays percussion and vocal chords in Dear Blanca. Keith is consistently the chillest guy in the room.

As always, a Jordan Blackmon original...

Posted on: Fri. Oct. 11 11:50AM

Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS!! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series! This week we welcome Ben Walker!

Ben Walker has been playing music in various bands/projects in Columbia for a long time. He's currently in a indie/pop/rock band called Rejectioneers with a bunch of other solid folks. He still plays by himself here and there. He keeps that rock band confidence in his voice, but uses it in such a way that it nuzzles up in your heart, situates itself, and then settles in to stay. We were so happy to have him come over and play a song.

Here's our 40th CASUAL FRIDAY drawing from Jordan with a little note of love...

Posted on: Fri. Oct. 4 6:33AM

Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series!

Originally from Washington, D.C., Daddy Lion relocated to Columbia, S.C. a few years back. Jeremy has an infectious positive energy that you can't 100% get away from when he's playing. It's a kind of confrontational happy that is somehow modest and genuine while still being all up in your face. He rules. Here's his song "Morning" with a full band!

Posted on: Fri. Sep. 27 6:25AM

Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series!

Stefanie's family lives in Greenville, she used to live in Charleston, and now she's in Columbia. She's a beautifully nice person who plays beautiful and effortless sounding songs on the ukulele. We're so happy she played this brand new song, "Chapter 1" for us this week.

Posted on: Fri. Sep. 20 6:22AM

We were finally able to approve the test pressings for the vinyl version of Coma Cinema's latest album "Posthumous Release"! A good many of you know that we've been struggling with the pressing plant and pops and noises in the vinyl test pressings since May. Finally, we should have the finished products in our hands within two weeks, and we'll be able to start shipping these babies out to your mailboxes. Thank you all for your patience with us through this process. It's been a learning experience for us, and we are so grateful for your support for us and for Mat as we have slowly worked through it.
Posted on: Tue. Sep. 17 10:59AM

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