Almost a year ago Can't Kids played as the house band to the Spork In Hand Puppet Slam at the 2014 Indie Grits Festival. They collaborated with Lyon Hill and Kimi Maeda to create this scrolling, shadowy puppet video directed by Katherine McCollough that interweaves both the performer and audience's view.

you can get Can't Kids "Brushes Touches Tongues" from iTunes
or "Ennui Go" from our Online Store
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College Rock II is Officially out! Make sure to join us at 9:00PM this Saturday February 21st at 1415 Woodrow Street to celebrate this record's existence. William will be providing entertainment along with: AHOMARI, BELK BOYS, CHOIR QUIT, DEE JAY, FREE SOCIETY, GOLDEN HOSTAGE, JON & THE DREAMERS, KAPPA ALPHA, PRIVATE NUISANCE, ROMANCE, and SLOP GANG!
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Pre-orders for William Starr Busbee's College Rock II are shipping out this week! If physical copies just aren't your thing, iTunes is doing pre-orders as well which include an instant download of the title track "College Rock II."

For all the locals who just can't get down with snail mail, we hope you will join us for William's release party on Saturday, February 21st at 1415 Woodrow Street. Rad tunes to be performed by William Starr Busbee, Kappa Alpha, Belk Boys, Choir Quit, and Private Nuisance! More details on the release show to come.
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Mike Collins Jr. from Hagan Ragland on Vimeo.

Mike's friend, Hagan Ragland, made this really amazing mini-doc about Mike and who he is and how he got to where he is now. Give it a watch then buy his CD from us or download it from iTunes or any other download store if that's more your style.
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After a year of prep, planning and delicate handling, Fork and Spoon is proud to announce that William Starr Busbee's masterpiece "College Rock II" can be YOURS on February 17th. Wondering how to make it up to your significant other since you forgot Valentine's Day? COLLEGE ROCK II. What do you get that weird nephew that wears too much Polo Sport? COLLEGE ROCK II. How do you treat yourself to something just for being yourself? COLLEGE ROCK II. It is what the world has needed and what the world can have on February 17th. Check out the premiere for "Girl" at SceneSC, head to the shop to preorder your copy, and stay tuned for more details about the release party!

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Mike Collins, Jr.'s "Trying To Stay Ahead" is officially out! Digital copies littered across the internet. Physical copies in our store, on Mikey's person, and in your finer record stores. Make sure to catch him live at a park and/or alleyway near you!

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