Our favorite skateboard shop in the entire world turns ten years old this fall.  CONGRATS BLUETILE!

We have all been lurking there since day one and wanted to share our appreciation/help celebrate this monumental occasion. On the weekend of September 29th and 30th, join us at the New Brookland Tavern for two evenings of live music, skate videos, free stuff, and the most ultimate celebration for one of the truest supporters of that wooden rolling toy we have ever seen.

9/29: your ears will be treated to the sounds of Those Lavender Whales, Can't Kids, Say Brother, and an afterparty soundtracked by the sweet sounds of Columbia's favoritest SINDOOLAH.

9/30: internet sensation/rock powerhouse Teen Suicide will be making their first South Carolina appearance with an unfathomable amount of additional rocking from Coma Cinema and the Choir Quit. Then the party will be closed with a DJ set from TORO Y MOI!

What else to expect? Skateboard videos galore, free stuff being thrown at you, SURPRISES, beverages!, a creepy drunk person falling asleep on the pool table, DUDES, LADIES, AND NOT BEING ABLE TO COMPREHEND THE AMOUNT OF FUN YOU ARE HAVING. Sad? NOT ANYMORE!

BUT there is some fine print to that flyer. The only advanced tickets to be sold are WEEKEND PASSES FOR ONLY $20… AND we promise you there will be a big awesome bonus to buying that weekend pass. We will let you know what that surprise is on August 15th (when the tickets go on sale).

Shoe Goo up your shredding shoes, dust off your two left dancing shoes, and join us for the truest party of rad on September 29th and 30th!
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After a year with only a little bit of US shows and a little bit more globetrotting, our dear friends/o.g. Fork and Spooners, TORO Y MOI, are returning to the southeast! And yet again they are bringing along some folks from Columbia to support them.

Freshly in the midst of their audible onslaught (via their debut record Brushes Touches Tongues), Can't Kids will be opening alongside Columbia's new wave yacht rockers the Choir Quit.

Be sure to catch them at the following dates...
9/26 - Durham, NC @ Motorco Music Hall - BUY TICKETS
9/27 - Asheville, NC @ the Orange Peel - BUY TICKETS*
9/28 - Charleston, SC @ the Music Farm - BUY TICKETS*
9/29 - Atlanta, GA @ Counterpoint Music Festival - BUY TICKETS
(* - dates with the Choir Quit and Can't Kids)
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Over the next few weeks several Fork and Spoon bands will be trading their comforts of home for a questionable diet of gas station snacks and a bed made of a stranger's living room floor. It is now time for you to start dusting off your dancing pants, find a comfortable pair of shoes, and trade your comforts of home for a wonderful evening of music with our friends!

Photo: Thomas Hammond

Less than a month after their debut "Brushes Touches Tongues" made its way into the audible universe, Can't Kids are hitting the road! Don't just stand there! Write this down!

July 20th: Asheville, NC @ Emerald Lounge

July 21st: Charleston, SC @ the Tin Roof

July 28th: Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor (RECESS FEST!)

August 3rd: Sterling, VA @ HOUSE SHOW

August 4th: Philadelphia, PA @ Girard Hall Collective

August 5th: Raleigh, NC @ TBA (help!)

August 13th: Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern (with the Catalyst)

Photo: Jonathan Sharpe

Next up is a double whammy. A yin-yang of sounds. The "soft-serve yogurt (with tons of toppings) for dinner" of Those Lavender Whales coupled with the "Doritos and malt liquor for dessert" of Coma Cinema. A dysfunctional double date of musical friendship.

July 21st: Jacksonville, FL @ Underbelly

July 22nd: Savannah, GA @ TBA (help!)

July 23rd: Atlanta, GA @ Starbar

July 24th: Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light

July 25th: Greenville, SC @ Radio Room

July 26th: Chapel Hill, NC @ the Nightlight

July 27th: Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor (RECESS FEST!)

Photo: Thomas Hammond

Finally, I know we’ve mentioned it before (but just to make sure you are in the know), Chemical Peel is going to be spreading the word about their latest cassette, “Bad Cream”

Jul 20- Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern ("Bad Cream" Tape Release!)

Jul 26- D.C. @ The Rocketship *

Jul 27- Pittsburgh, PA @ Kopecks *

Jul 28- Columbus, OH @ Villa Villekula *

Jul 29- Bloomington, IN @ In Case Of Emergency Press *

Jul 30- Chicago, IL @ Crown Tap *

Jul 31- Berkley, MI @ The Berkley Front *

Aug 1- Toronto @ Kapisanan Centre *

Aug 2- Buffalo, NY @ The Jungle Gym *

Aug 3- NYC @ 131 Tompkins Ave *

Aug 4- Philadelphia, PA @ Girard Hall *

Aug 5- Raleigh, NC @ TBA (help!)

Aug 9- Charleston, SC @ Tin Roof

(* with Poty Mouth)

"What does TBA mean?" you might ask. Well, it means help us out. Help us find a geedee show. "Can I get on the guest list?" I dunno. But if you do, buy merch. "Those descriptions are stupid." So what. I am tired. JUST COME OUT TO THESE SHOWS ALREADY. "Stop yelling." I'm sorry.

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In May of 2011 your ears were graced with the self-titled Chemical Peel cassette.  This friday, Chemical Peel is giving you the self-released follow up cassette called "Bad Cream".    Eight tracks of raw intensity, replacing the former's sporadic moments of pop sensibilities with even more power and distortion.  "Bad Cream" successfully channels a level of energy that so many punk records before have unsuccessfully attempted to achieve in one asskickingly eighteen-minute-long punch to the eardrum.

Stream the record on the bandcamp and head to New Brookland Tavern on Friday, July 20th for their record release party.  8 pm.  $5.  They will be supported by Joint D ≠, Southern Femisphere, and Braindead.

Jul 26- D.C. @ The Rocketship *
Jul 27- Pittsburgh, PA @ tba  *
Jul 28- Columbus, OH @ Villa Villekula *
Jul 29- Bloomington, IN @ tba *
Jul 30- Chicago, IL @ Crown Tap *
Jul 31- Berkley, MI @ The Berkley Front *
Aug 1- Toronto @ Kapisanan Centre *
Aug 2- Buffalo, NY @ tba  *
Aug 3- NYC @ 131 Tompkins Ave *
Aug 4- Philadelphia, PA @ Girard Hall *
Aug 5- Raleigh, NC @ tba
Aug 9- Charleston, SC @ Tin Roof
(* with Potty Mouth)

And for those of you who won't be able to make it to one of their shows: After the release show we will have some copies of "Bad Cream" available in our online shop.

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I knew of Aaron before I actually knew him because he was the kid that went to Ridgeview that could do 540 kickflips. After learning that this impossibility was possible, I spent countless hours in my driveway flailing my board around with no luck. Then Chris and I started skateboarding with him and his weird bag of tricks started to make sense.

A few months later, Chris and I started playing in a band with him. We would write a song. My guitar part would be done, Chris's bass part would be done, but Aaron would make me keep playing it over and over so he could make a better drum part. A few minutes later we realized that the fast, animalistic, nonsensical drum part he was playing over and over was in fact quite intricately structured and began to define that moment of the song. All that racket made sense.

Two years ago, Aaron, Chris and I turned this musical-friendship society into a record label. Often times our focus and attention would get directed towards who/what we were putting out and trying to get press people/blog folks to listen to it, while Aaron was always steadfast on keeping the focus towards our community. Fork and Spoon would lack half the heart it has if it wasn't for Aaron's priorities. And with the constantly increasing amount of love we get from our hometown (COLASC!), Aaron's priorities make perfect sense.

Today is a very special day. Today is Aaron's birthday. If you see him give him a hug. If you internet him thank him for his amazing ideas and enormous heart. Either way, shower him with all the love he deserves. Thanks Aaron! Happy Birthday!
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...it has been available for pre-order for little bit....

...there was a crazy party to celebrate it's release last friday...

...but in case you still haven't ordered it: "BRUSHES TOUCHES TONGUES" HITS THE STREETS TODAY. 

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