Dearest Columbia,
Have you ever heard of Arts & Draughts at the Columbia Museum of Art? If not, it's a quarterly event where the art museum opens after hours, offers interactive exhibits and projects, features a beer (provided by the Whig), gets food trucks to part outside, has bands playing, all while having normal exhibits open to see as well. It's a super-duper time, and this quarter they asked us to help in booking some fun music. We're super excited to shake our tail bones to Helado Negro, along with Those Lavender Whales, Los Perdidos, & all the while Chris Wenner will be spinning records. It's happening this Friday, February 1st. You should come.

"AWWW man, dudes. I'd love to, but I just don't have $8 to get in," you say? GOOD NEWS! We've got some tickets to give away, so we thought we would have a kind of contest! We're going to ask some F&S/SC related trivia questions on our Facebook, Twitter, & Tumblr today, tomorrow, & Thursday. The first two people to answer the question correctly win two tickets each to Friday's Arts & Draughts.
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This week we welcome Let's Go, Coyote! to the Casual Friday floor. Let's Go, Coyote! is the project of our dear friend Patrick Wall. We've been hanging around with Patrick since even before the early days of Fork & Spoon. He's always been around helping out, playing in bands (officially or unofficially), lending advice, and being an all around A+ dude. He currently plays in ...for science and Those Lavender Whales, but also makes beautifully minimalist and painfully honest songs under the name Let's Go, Coyote! This one is called "Fuck It. Party." and was recorded with one microphone in the Fork & Spoon Living Room.

P.S. Check out another Let's Go, Coyote! song on our FREE LOVE FREE DOWNLOAD compilation from last summer!
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Welcome back to another CASUAL FRIDAY! Our "casual" one microphone recordings of Fork & Spoon family, friends, & beyond.

I can't think of a better Casual Friday recording experience that this one with Chemical Peel playing "Singing Western." Victoria's parents own a house right down the street from ours. They were over there making copies of their new cassette, Bad Cream, and just walked down the street to come record a song. Ony played acoustic guitar, Max played upright bass, and Victoria played a snare drum with brushes. We ran through the song a few times trying to find the best way to record it, and then decided the most appropriate way to end the evening was to walk down the street and get some ice cream. I love when sweet people make tough music, and if you haven't been introduced, I encourage you to check out their two cassettes, CHEMICAL PEEL and BAD CREAM.

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Self-released by the band this past summer, we finally have copies of Chemical Peel's follow up to their self-titled cassette in our STORE! It's a great, wolloping, right hook of sound filled with 8-songs of garage-punk goodness. If you've seen them on tour with Potty Mouth (with whom they share a drummer) this past year, you'll have already realized how much you've been missing.

Take a listen here...
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Welcome back to Casual Fridays! Our new weekly series of "casual" single microphone recordings of Fork & Spoon's friends, family, and beyond. This week we're so happy to share Kid Trails (AKA Patrick Jeffords) performing "So Far Away" in the Fork & Spoon living room. Patrick has been a dear friend of ours since day one. You can see him playing bass in Toro Y Moi or hear his collaboration with Elvis Depressedly in the project Gremlins. Enjoy!

Posted on: Fri. Jan. 11 6:50AM

We think friendship is beautiful thing, so we teamed up with our good freinds at Primary Records in NYC to give you this special buy one get one free deal!

Buy a vinyl copy of Those Lavender Whales "Tomahawk of Priase" and get a free copy of Pony Of Good Tidings "Zing Zong" on vinyl for FREEEEEE! 2 RECORDS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Both are on colored vinyl, both poppy, folky gems filled with quirks, quivers, and heartfelt honesty. Two records waiting to become your best friends, and now they can be!

Order in the STORE & check them both out below!

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