So you've been holding out on ordering a Fork & Spoon shirt because white just isn't your color and grey doesn't accent your eyes enough? Well, just for you, we've printed up some new ARMY GREEN shirts with NAVY BLUE ink, and boy, oh, boy do they look swell!

Just click that link and check it out, and before you know it, I'm sure you'll have a new fancy t-shirt headed toward you in the mail.

100% cotton. 100% love.
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Jordan Blackmon is one-third of the guts and body of Fork & Spoon Records. He helps make sure we are doing things we can be proud of and are doing them the right way, and also does all of the Casual Friday drawings. He also makes really amazing songs under the name Pussy Wizard. A long time before Pussy Wizard, he made beautiful songs under the name Brave Horatius. In high school/college, a lot of us spent a lot of time playing and recording these songs in various forms with Jordan (though he was never fully satisfied with the results) as each and every new Brave Horatius song became our new favorite song.

I'm really glad a lot of these recordings are finally housed in a "complete" collection. It's a perfect introduction to the roots of Pussy Wizard (and another step closer to me not having to burn so many people copies of my old CD-r's that my friends put out that are still good).
Posted on: Mon. Feb. 25 5:21AM

Welcome back to Casual Fridays, our weekly, one-microphone recordings series!

Austin Crane is one of the nicest dudes on the planet. It's one of those rare, genuine nicenesses that amaze you how anyone could give such attention to a person they have just only met and said one word to. And his music is no different. Immediately open and inviting, you can't help but let yourself be taken into whatever story he's telling, and whatever melody is flowing out of him. He usually plays under the moniker Valley Maker, and you should check out his other songs.

As luck would have it, Austin is coming to town (Columbia, SC) and playing a show tomorrow (4/23) at Conundrum Music Hall with Bombadil & Amy Godwin.

Posted on: Fri. Feb. 22 6:52AM

Welcome back to our weekly installments of casual one-microphone recordings of our family, friends, & beyond! This week, Dear Blanca plays a "Havana Tonight" from their new album, "Talker", that came out this past Tuesday on local-label-freinds Post-Echo.

We first met Dylan from Dear Blanca when he sent us an email with some of his songs and an invitation to come out to one of his upcoming shows. As luck would have it, we were able to make it out and quickly realized Dylan was one of the nicest, most-positive dudes in town. Since then, he's grown from a solo-project to a full-blown rock band, started hosting some of the most epic house shows in town (his house has a stage in it!), and found a comfy little home at Post-Echo (another Columbia-centric label in town). Check out this song, then go check out his brand-new album, "Talker".

He's also having a release show in Columbia on Saturday at Conundrum Music Hall with Bo White, Happiness Bomb, & The Howling Man!

casual friday 7
Posted on: Fri. Feb. 15 6:09AM

CASUAL FRIDAY! #6! This week we offer you, our beloved Casual Friday consumers, our dear friend, Mat Cothran (of Elvis Depressedly & Coma Cinema) playing a beautifully simple, acoustic version of "Burn A Church"

Mat has been our bud for quite a while now. We had the distinct pleasure of releasing his third album "Blue Suicide" on vinyl, and have spent the past few years hanging out, driving around, playing/recording music, encouraging/insulting each other, and building up one of those high quality, long-term friendships where there's times you get mad at each other, but ultimately that deep seated love beats it out, and you've gotta make up, whether you want to or not.

Mat's super talented and he leaves today to go to LA to record his next Coma Cinema album with TV Girl. He deserves all the good and positive vibes, thoughts, prayers, spells, and text messages you can muster in the general direction of his aura.

Posted on: Fri. Feb. 8 7:55AM

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Before Toro Y Moi took off, Chaz Bundick & Patrick Jeffords (along with Cameron Gardner (current Washed Out drummer) and Dylan Lee) took over Columbia, SC with their intelligent indie rock band The Heist & The Accomplice. Although still in high school, they won over the hearts of music lovers all over town by slamming all kinds of complexities into listenable, relatable indie-pop songs.

Their third album & final album, "Connections Work", was released in 2008 when Fork & Spoon was still operating as more of a collective. It's been unavailable for a while except in Papa Jazz here in Columbia, but now you can order your own in all it's digipack glory straight from the Fork & Spoon store!

Also, check out the video for the track "More Control"!
Posted on: Tue. Feb. 5 8:04AM