Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series. This week, one of Columbia's greatest hidden secrets, William Busbee, swoons us with his perfect pop gem "I Need (Your Love)."

If you live in Columbia, you can catch William playing in a couple of his different projects (Kappa Alpha, Belk Boys) at the 3rd annual SPIT Fest put on by our good friends at Space Idea Tapes on July 4th. It's going to be a wild, all-day, food filled time with tons of 15 minute sets by tons of amazing folks from around the country.

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Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one microphone recording series fueled by turtle power!

The first time I met Trey, I had recently moved back to Columbia from Nashville and our bands were playing a house show together. Trey (and Delaney who was another integral part of Young Mumbles) got up and started playing these amazing folk songs that just sucked you into their story and their world for the four or five verses that they lasted. I immediately fell in love with the way Trey sang songs, and it's only gotten better over the years I've seen him play.

Young Mumbles isn't technically a thing anymore, but they have some really great recordings on their bandcamp, and you can catch Trey Mumbles playing around town at various times in various places.


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Every month, we host a potluck at Fork & Spoon HQ (our house where we sit on the computer/package up packages), in hopes that we can have an open, fun, environment where our Columbia community can come together, share food, and get to know one another better. Sometimes we have these Potlucks in other places (i.e. Thanksgiving 2011 at NBT) and sometimes we like to use these potlucks to share/preview things we are excited about.

This Wednesday, we are using our monthly potluck to unveil the new Sein zum Tode music video for "Mansteam." It was directed by Sein zum Tode's own Jamie Clark (of Adios, Mr. Falcon! fame) and is probably the best visual equivalent of Sein zum Tode's music that we could ever imagine (if you think Sein zum Tode's music sounds like a kid's birthday party gone magically wrong). Our dear friends over at Bluetile Skateshop will be letting us set up tables and food and use their projector to premier this video as large and in charge as we can.

So come out to Bluetile on Wednesday, June 19th at 8pm. Bring your best cooking to share with your old and new friends and get ready to watch Sein zum Tode's new video!
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Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series!

This week we do our best to capture our favorite avant-metal weirdos, Sein zum Tode, casually, in their natural environment, with one microphone. To do so, it was actually easier to record this Casual Friday in their own practice space rather than to have them bring their stuff to our house (as is usually the case). If you've never seen David's drum set-up, check it out and you will understand the main reason why. And even though they spent  a couple practices working out a "low-key" song to record, I'm pretty sure it's still the loudest Casual Friday we've recorded yet.

Also, if you will be in Columbia, SC next Wednesday- June 19th, be sure to make it out to the potluck which we will be held at Bluetile Skateshop in 5 Points and check out SzT's music video premiere for the song "Mansteam."

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We've all been excitedly waiting for the release of the 4th Coma Cinema full-length "Posthumous Release" to descend upon us and the day is finally here. If you were paying attention to the widest of world webs, you'd know Mat posted the digital version on Bandcamp on Saturday as a super surprise for everyone who was grinding their teeth at the thought of waiting any longer. The good fortune of that is that all of you have most likely been falling in love with this beautiful album ALL WEEKEND LONG, and if you haven't already ordered a physical copy of it, there are three beautiful options for you!

Do you still prefer CDs over all these MP3's floating around in the world? Dig the less compressed, higher sound quality of a glass master? Prefer to keep your 16 bits and 44.1 khz as uncompressed as you can (without dealing with giant WAV files and SACDs?) Well then we've got you covered in our store.

Are you into vinyl? Think album art should only be created in 12" squares? prefer that analog warmth of grooves shaking a needle through an amplifier into your eardrums? Curious to hear our favorite way to listen to the album? Well we've got you covered there, too. (side note to all vinyl orders: We had a problem with damaged stampers at the vinyl pressing plant, and they are having to be remade. We're working hard to make sure we get the records as soon as possible so we can ship them to you as soon as possible. We know you've been waiting a long time (as have we) and we appreciate your patience)

Love cassettes? Do you want that analog warmth but don't want to pay vinyl prices? Do you like super limited pressings of really good music? Our buddies over at Orchid tapes have you covered on this front!

Regardless of how you listen, make sure to give this incredible album a little time to break into your soul.

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We are sooo excited to welcome Southern Femisphere into the Fork & Spoon family.  We will be celebrating this union by releasing their album "Houses" officially on July 2, 2013.  However, if you are wise, you will attend their album release show tomorrow in Charleston, SC at the Tattooed Moose and get an early copy with the super limited hand-screened case!

Show starts at 9pm, Mrs. Mars and Those Lavender Whales also play, don't miss out cause its gonna be RAD!

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