I remember in high school whenever the band I was in played anywhere or got any write ups in the weekly, or met other "adult" bands it annoyed me whenever they remarked how young we were. When I was making things in high school, I just wanted to be held to the same standard as the other "grown up" bands in town. I'm assuming that same thing is true for Mybrother Mysister. I get the feeling Dylan is not just trying to make "good songs for a high schooler" but is trying to make "good songs."

Check out more Mybrother Mysister on their FACEBOOK!

Posted on: Thu. Aug. 29 8:36PM

INGRAINED from Dorian Warneck on Vimeo.

One of our dearest friends, Dorian Warneck (who just so happened to make Those Lavender Whales’ “Growth In Question” video), made a short documentary about Columbia skateboarding staple and all-around-super-dude, Larry Reaves. This video focuses on how skateboarding influences his woodworking, but he takes amazing photos as well. Take four minutes out of your day and have your heart warmed a little bit.
Posted on: Tue. Aug. 27 6:20AM

Phil Windsor spends a lot of time playing guitar in the band Sea Wolf Mutiny, but if you're lucky, you can occasionally catch him around town playing quiet and beautiful folk songs under the name Ghosts of the Great Highway. I also love it when a song can take you on a full journey and feel complete in two minutes or under. Even though this untitled jam clocks in at just over two, I think it still qualifies.

Make sure to listen to Ghosts of the Great Highways full fledged albums on his Bandcamp.

Posted on: Fri. Aug. 23 6:11AM

Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series.

This week, we open the floor to Cancellieri (AKA Ryan Hutchens) I used to work with Ryan at a daycare/afterschool program where I learned pretty quickly that he doesn't let too much stuff get under his skin. That sense comes through on his songs, especially on his full recordings and are backed with lots of ambient pads and drones to fill out the more pop melodies that build the rest of the songs.

He's headed out on a 50 day tour of the United States alone in his van this weekend, so make sure to check out the rest of his songs and go see him while he is near you. Dates below!

8/20 The National Underground Nashville, Tennessee 8/21 Snack Bar Oxford, Mississippi 8/22 Maxine's Hot Springs, Arkansas 8/27 Bistro Al Vino Denver, Colorado 8/28 Seventh Circle Music Collective Denver, Colorado 8/29 Quixote's True Blue Denver, Colorado 8/31 Highland Pacific Denver, Colorado 9/6 Replay Lounge Lawerence, Kansas 9/7 Uncle Bo's Kansas City, Kansas 9/11 Taffy's Of Eaton Eaton, Ohio 9/13 Muggswigz Coffee and Tea Canton, Ohio 9/15 Emack and Bolio's Albany, New York 9/18 Charlie O's World Famous Montpelier, Vermont 9/20 Radio Bean Burlington, Vermont 9/22 Skinny Pancake Montpelier, Vermont 9/27 Circa 1212 Philedelphia,Pennsylvania

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Just to keep you guys in the loop with what is happening with these "Posthumous Release" 12" records, we tried to capture the main culprit of the problem on video. Unfortunately, iphone microphones taking video of a record player doesn't quite do the thing justice, but just think about if a pop can cut through all the noise of an iphone microphone, it must be a pretty intrusive pop on the record.

So if you listen to this video, right after the second time Mat sings "the clock" there is (what sounds like) a click on the video. Imagine this closer to you through your speakers and amplified, and you'll realize it's not really an ignorable flaw in the vinyl process. It's a POP.

This was on the first test press and we agreed (with Mat) that this wasn't OK to send out to everyone (especially since our test lacquer sounded perfect), so we got the pressing plant to make new tests. They decided they needed to get the record recut, BUT when they made new tests, they pressed the revised A-side, but still the old B-side with the POP still in it. We were confused and it took sending both of the tests back to the person who cut the lacquers to crack that code.

We've talked to some other pressing plants and the verdict that everyone has given us is that it will probably move quicker if we just try to take care of the problems and keep on keeping on with the current pressing plant, rather than start from scratch with another.

We love all of you who have paid for this record and can't thank you enough for your understanding and patience. This is completely unacceptable for you to wait this long, and we hope to never put you through this again. We're on the phone bugging these people every day.

They were supposed to overnight new (and hopefully correct) test pressings to us today, so hopefully we will have good news for you tomorrow.

Love, Fork & Spoon
Posted on: Mon. Aug. 12 7:24PM

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Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series!

One of the great things about CASUAL FRIDAYS (and the musical community in general) is finding out about music and bands that you didn't know about before. No matter how small a town seems, there's no way to know about all the music that's happening there. So when Sandcastles was recording their CASUAL FRIDAY, their guitarist, Ross Swinson asked when he could record a Casual Friday. I said, "RIGHT NOW!" He replied, "OK" and we ended up with this acoustic version of his band's (Release The Dog) song "Chocolate Cake"

It's a really great, solid song. And make sure to check out the full band version on Release The Dog's bandcamp.

Posted on: Thu. Aug. 8 8:36PM