Tidings From Our Light Purple Gam CD


Tidings From Our Light Purple Gam

This 17-track compilation is a product of true love and friendship. All profits go to help F&S founder/Those Lavender Whales bandleader, Aaron Graves, fight the crap out of the stupid tumor in his brain. Updates and more ways to help can be found at www.tumorschmumor.com!
  1. I'm So Proud (Of My Friends) - Those Lavender Whales
  2. Come On Out (Featuring Baby Willis) - Mike Collins Jr.
  3. Coldboy - Astronauts, Etc.
  4. Did You See His Name? (Kinks Cover) - Of Montreal
  5. Makin' Do - PWIZ
  6. Each Every Day And Night - Say Brother
  7. Big Balloon - Painted Palms
  8. Mer Ka Ba - Snake Feathers
  9. Vortex - Kid Trails
  10. Bite My Butt - Can't Kids
  11. Meeting Friend - Helado Negro
  12. I'll Be Here - Schooner
  13. Zone - Sadie Dupuis
  14. Reasons - Haints In The Holler
  15. Security Guards - Yes Yes
  16. Dog Days - Toro Y Moi
  17. Pretty Fine Fellow - Bombadil
Tidings from Our Light Purple Gam Cover. Album art by Sam Spina.