No Way Jose!

Artist: No Way Jose!

1. Honeywell #1  
2. Sesame Seed  
3. Transylvania  
4. No Way Jose!  
5. New New  
6. ASFS  
7. Honeywell #2  
8. Epic Tale Of A Boy Who Lost His Mother  
9. Science Video  
10. Crossfire (It's the Color Of Love)  
11. More Bitches Than A Kennel  
12. Marshmellow Peep Show  
13. Peachfuzz Cobbler  
14. Aminal Safe  

A complete collection of the studio recordings of Columbia, SC's instrumental keytar-driven prog-punk quartet, No Way Jose!. Track 1-9 come from the debut full-length titled "Mormie In The Monitor" while tracks 10-14 chronicle the bits and pieces that appeared on various compilations and collections.

This 12" vinyl record includes a No Way Jose! coloring and activity book drawn and designed by Sam Spina!

Download/Crayons included.

Released: April 1, 2010

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