Tomahawk Of Praise

Artist: Those Lavender Whales

1. Fingertips  
2. Exist  
3. Buckling  
4. Who/Why/We  
5. Having Haves & Halving Halves  
6. Growth In Question  
7. Lions Vs. Laziness  
8. Mountain  
9. A Loose Interpretation Of Something Augustine Of Hippo May Have Once Said  
10. Family Trees Share Their Leaves  
11. Sleeping Is So Easy  
12. Tomahawk Of Praise  

Those Lavender Whales first proper full-length showcases the band's whimsical pop tendencies and bare honest lyrics. The album sways back and forth through intimate confessions and rollicking multi-layered arrangements of off-kilter instruments.

12" record features marbled vinyl.
CD features sewn packaging.

Released: January 17, 2012