Brushes Touches Tongues

Artist: Can't Kids

1. Gimme A Grab  
2. Ghost Killah  
3. Happy Hippie Songs  
4. Things  
5. Stab / Grab  
6. Dimes  
7. There's Never Enough Butter  
8. It's Yrs  
9. Julie  

The self-proclaimed “Appalachian Cheerleader Metal” quartet Can't Kids' songs are self-aware: prideful and damning, confrontational and confident. All this stirs up a raucousness inside that you haven't felt since punk rock, only this time there is a frailty from years of dormancy.

With “Brushes Touches Tongues,” Can't Kids take their songs out of the house where they live (Shredquarters), practice, and oftentimes perform; and bring them into the studio where all of the intricacies that become lost in a crowded room can be showcased. Adam & Jessica's vocals weave in and out of each other, echoing, arguing, and combining to create an album that loves, hates, and feels alright.

Released: July 10, 2012

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