Fork & Spoon presents 10 Years of Bluetile

7″+DVD+Book to celebrate Bluetile Skateshop’s 10th birthday!

Package includes…
-(x1) 4-way split 7” (featuring Those Lavender Whales, the Choir Quit, Can’t Kids, and Teen Suicide). each one is hand stamped and hand numbered.

-(x1) DVD of skate videos with edits from Jason Jones, Ruin Skateshop, Miguel De Leon, Adam Meads, Jaime Owens, Mike Hogan, Chris Rogers, Dorian Warneck, and Sava Kucherin

-(x1) book of Bluetile graphics and Bluetile/Columbia, SC skateboarding-related artwork/photos


  1. Those Lavender Whales - My Hand Hurts
  2. The Choir Quit - Lookin' American
  3. Can't Kids - Cop Land
  4. Teen Suicide - We Found Two Dead Swans And Filled Their Bodies With Flowers