Those Lavender Whales

Pilgrims, Friends, & Blood-ties

A collection of odds & ends documenting the bedroom pop experiments of Those Lavender Whales compiled onto a vibrant yellow cassette.

All songs recorded between May 2004-February 2010. Tracks 3, 10, 13, 16 were released as a self titled EP (2004). Tracks 2, 5, 8, 11, 14 were released as “How Many Things Can You Count On One Hand” (2006). The rest were previously released (until now). “Night of the Living Dead” by Misfits.


  1. Radish So Red
  2. Shake Your Palm-Palm Branches
  3. A Brilliant Cover
  4. Interview
  5. We Are All Farmers Sometimes
  6. Come In & Warm Up With Our Good Friend, King Winceslas
  7. The Fork Ran Away With The Spoon
  8. There's No use Crying Over Spilled Nard
  9. Please, Lord
  10. If It Weren't For You, I Would Have Wished I Was A Lion
  11. Looking Down To Find Leaves On Your Arms
  12. Tooth Song
  13. Forklifts & Capes Of Velvet
  14. Back-ward In The Back-yard
  15. Sleep In
  16. The Beautissimy Of Words
  17. The Night Before Kite Day
  18. Night Of The Living Dead (Misfits Cover)
  19. When You Think About Space And Realize How Big It Is And It Gives You That Strange Feeling (Cut The Red Wire remix)
  20. Ananias