Those Lavender Whales

Tomahawk of Praise

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Tomahawk of Praise, Those Lavender Whales’ first proper full-length, was written, recorded, and mixed over three years in a friend’s basement studio in Nashville, Tennessee. More than just a collection of light-hearted pop songs, the album alternately contemplates and celebrates complex situations: growing up, starting a family, building a community, doing right by your friends. It sways between intimate confessions and lushly orchestrated arrangements without ever losing the charm or honesty that brings everything together.

The 10th anniversary edition of Tomahawk of Praise was pressed on 180-gram, cloud-colored vinyl and features enhanced repackaging, including brand-new inner jacket artwork.

A compelling portrait of how to tentatively but firmly grow up on your own terms, friends, family and faith in tow.”Free Times

These songs are fun and catchy, full of clever, intriguing moments.”—The Blue Indian


  1. Fingertips
  2. Exist
  3. Buckling
  4. Who/Why/We
  5. Having Haves & Halving Halves
  6. Growth In Question
  7. Lions Vs. Laziness
  8. Mountain
  9. A Loose Interpretation Of Something Augustine Of Hippo May Have Once Said
  10. Family Trees Share Their Leaves
  11. Sleeping Is So Easy
  12. Tomahawk Of Praise