Through rich instrumentation and meticulous arrangements, Pandercakes make intelligent pop tunes that are hard to not enjoy. Their band name reveals the intentional accessibility of the group by commenting on the duality of popular music: appealing and accessible, but prone to demean itself in order to gain widespread approval. The actual word Pandercakes was at first just a surreal image that sprang into Logan Goldstien’s head, but when shared with his collaborator- Joel Floyd immediately latched on to the dichotomy of cute and demoralizing that the name embodied. With the addition of Phillip Soellner and Desirée Richardson the group has been able to successfully craft their method of using all that is good about pop as a vehicle for their higher artistic vision.

“…kick and rush indie pop, with interconnecting fey boy/girl vocals and a melodic thunderclap of instrumental sound made up of driving guitars/organs and intricate percussion. It is a headrush for all concerned, including the listener, as it winds and curves in a most pleasing variety of directions.”

-mp3 Hugger

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