"Paint By Numbers" cassette is in! Pre-order combo deals still available!

Sometimes things happen that are within your control, and sometimes things happen that are completely out of it. We've learned, in our brief existence as a “record label” that it's very important to be comfortable with both of these situations. That being said…

Although being “officially” released on April 9th, we FINALLY HAVE THE PANDERCAKES “PAINT BY NUMBERS” CASSETTES! It's been a long wait for all of us and we are so excited to be able to send these powerful indie-pop masterpieces out to everyone who pre-ordered/ordered them! Also, as an apology, we've left up all of our pre-order deals that contain either the Pandercakes/Pussy Wizard split 7″ + the Pandercakes “Paint By Numbers” cassette, the 7″ + an extremely metal Pussy Wizard T-shirt, or all three items together, all for respective discounted prices. 

If you haven't, give a little listen to the 7″ here, and the “Paint by Numbers” EP here.