Welcome back to CASUAL FRIDAYS! Our weekly, one-microphone recording series!

This week we do our best to capture our favorite avant-metal weirdos, Sein zum Tode, casually, in their natural environment, with one microphone. To do so, it was actually easier to record this Casual Friday in their own practice space rather than to have them bring their stuff to our house (as is usually the case). If you've never seen David's drum set-up, check it out and you will understand the main reason why. And even though they spent  a couple practices working out a “low-key” song to record, I'm pretty sure it's still the loudest Casual Friday we've recorded yet.

Also, if you will be in Columbia, SC next Wednesday- June 19th, be sure to make it out to the potluck which we will be held at Bluetile Skateshop in 5 Points and check out SzT's music video premiere for the song “Mansteam.”