Sein Zum Tode

Martin Heidegger was a German 20th-century philosopher who created the neologism “Sein zum Tode (being-towards-death)”, and as crazy as this sounds, you might be better off grasping his influence on modern existentialism than fully comprehending the musical enigma that is the band of that same name. With their asymmetrical rhythms, beyond comprehension harmonic language, and refusal to remain in any particular time signature (even an asymmetrical one) for more than a handful of bars, Sein zum Tode is likened to a schizophrenic Arnold Schoenberg with an attention deficit disorder. However, with Schoenberg you at least know to start by finding the 12 tone row. With Sein zum Tode, we challenge anyone to come even remotely close to dictating a rhythmic interpretation of any drum part on the album, “BEEEP.”

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