Every month, we host a potluck at Fork & Spoon HQ (our house where we sit on the computer/package up packages), in hopes that we can have an open, fun, environment where our Columbia community can come together, share food, and get to know one another better. Sometimes we have these Potlucks in other places (i.e. Thanksgiving 2011 at NBT) and sometimes we like to use these potlucks to share/preview things we are excited about.

This Wednesday, we are using our monthly potluck to unveil the new Sein zum Tode music video for “Mansteam.” It was directed by Sein zum Tode's own Jamie Clark (of Adios, Mr. Falcon! fame) and is probably the best visual equivalent of Sein zum Tode's music that we could ever imagine (if you think Sein zum Tode's music sounds like a kid's birthday party gone magically wrong). Our dear friends over at Bluetile Skateshop will be letting us set up tables and food and use their projector to premier this video as large and in charge as we can.

So come out to Bluetile on Wednesday, June 19th at 8pm. Bring your best cooking to share with your old and new friends and get ready to watch Sein zum Tode's new video!