Does everyone know what time it is? TOUR TIME!

Over the next few weeks several Fork and Spoon bands will be trading their comforts of home for a questionable diet of gas station snacks and a bed made of a stranger's living room floor. It is now time for you to start dusting off your dancing pants, find a comfortable pair of shoes, and trade your comforts of home for a wonderful evening of music with our friends!

Photo: Thomas Hammond

Less than a month after their debut “Brushes Touches Tongues” made its way into the audible universe, Can't Kids are hitting the road! Don't just stand there! Write this down!

July 20th: Asheville, NC @ Emerald Lounge

July 21st: Charleston, SC @ the Tin Roof

July 28th: Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor (RECESS FEST!)

August 3rd: Sterling, VA @ HOUSE SHOW

August 4th: Philadelphia, PA @ Girard Hall Collective

August 5th: Raleigh, NC @ TBA (help!)

August 13th: Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern (with the Catalyst)

Photo: Jonathan Sharpe

Next up is a double whammy. A yin-yang of sounds. The “soft-serve yogurt (with tons of toppings) for dinner” of Those Lavender Whales coupled with the “Doritos and malt liquor for dessert” of Coma Cinema. A dysfunctional double date of musical friendship.

July 21st: Jacksonville, FL @ Underbelly

July 22nd: Savannah, GA @ TBA (help!)

July 23rd: Atlanta, GA @ Starbar

July 24th: Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light

July 25th: Greenville, SC @ Radio Room

July 26th: Chapel Hill, NC @ the Nightlight

July 27th: Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor (RECESS FEST!)

Photo: Thomas Hammond

Finally, I know we’ve mentioned it before (but just to make sure you are in the know), Chemical Peel is going to be spreading the word about their latest cassette, “Bad Cream”

Jul 20- Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern (“Bad Cream” Tape Release!)

Jul 26- D.C. @ The Rocketship *

Jul 27- Pittsburgh, PA @ Kopecks *

Jul 28- Columbus, OH @ Villa Villekula *

Jul 29- Bloomington, IN @ In Case Of Emergency Press *

Jul 30- Chicago, IL @ Crown Tap *

Jul 31- Berkley, MI @ The Berkley Front *

Aug 1- Toronto @ Kapisanan Centre *

Aug 2- Buffalo, NY @ The Jungle Gym *

Aug 3- NYC @ 131 Tompkins Ave *

Aug 4- Philadelphia, PA @ Girard Hall *

Aug 5- Raleigh, NC @ TBA (help!)

Aug 9- Charleston, SC @ Tin Roof

(* with Poty Mouth)

“What does TBA mean?” you might ask. Well, it means help us out. Help us find a geedee show. “Can I get on the guest list?” I dunno. But if you do, buy merch. “Those descriptions are stupid.” So what. I am tired. JUST COME OUT TO THESE SHOWS ALREADY. “Stop yelling.” I'm sorry.