Connections Work CD


The Heist & The Accomplice

Connections Work

Before Toro Y Moi took off, Chaz Bundick & Patrick Jeffords (along with Cameron Gardner (current Washed Out drummer) and Dylan Lee) took over Columbia, SC with their intelligent indie rock band The Heist & The Accomplice. Although still in high school, they won over the hearts of music lovers all over town by slamming all kinds of complexities into listenable, relatable indie-pop songs.

Their third album & final album, "Connections Work", was released in 2008 when Fork & Spoon was still operating as more of a collective. It's been unavailable for a while except in Papa Jazz here in Columbia, but now you can order your own in all it's digipack glory straight from the Fork & Spoon store.

  1. Leave Me Bound
  2. Persuaded Minds
  3. Listen/Adjust
  4. Self Sustained
  5. Kinfolk
  6. What's The Objective
  7. Calm Concern
  8. Methods & Means
  9. More Control
  10. Empty Flats