Welcome Sein zum Tode! "BEEEP." pre-orders!

We are so, so happy to welcome Sein zum Tode to our evergrowing Fork & Spoon family!

Playing self-proclaimed “avant-garde extreme metalish musics,” their new album “BEEEP.” features an otherworldly symphony of starts, stops, blasts, vocal effects, speed ups, slow downs, samples, and the sounds of 1 million drums being played without abandon (ok maybe more like 27 drums?). Confused? Ok. Us, too. But whatever it is, it's super fun and meticulously made. We really love this album and we're really excited to be able to help with it's existence.

“BEEEP.” will be available on CD on March 19th and is available for PREORDER HERE!! Or you can pick up a copy at their next show on March 18th at New Brookland Tavern with Behold…the Arctopus & Wexico!