No Way Jose!

"An insturmental electronic band who bring Columbia South Carolina to the dance floor. Thought to have started sometime during the summer of 2003, Columbia SC musician Jordan Blackmon (guitar), Aaron Graves (drums), Chris Gardner (bass guitar), Thomas Gilbert (Roland AX-7 keytar) formed this band deciding not to have any vocals. Perhaps one of the first of it's kind in that area. With happy and semi poppy keytar synth, rock and dance drum beats, and clever and catchy sounding strings No Way Jose has created their own sound."
- Chemistry Daily, the Chemistry Encyclopedia

No Way Jose! Spring Break 04/03/2010 from Fork and Spoon Records on Vimeo.

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Thanks to each and every one of you for your patience. All of our information was deleted, so we are slowly trying to build our site back up. We just got our STORE back up, so feel free to head on over there and catch up on all of your Fork & Spoon releases. Streaming of the albums will be up shortly! Thanks for supporting us and all of the wonderful bands we are lucky enough to be associated with. Love you!

Posted on: Sun., Mar. 11 2:01PM