Ennui Go CD


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Can’t Kids

Ennui Go

"Ennui Go" is Can't Kids' second full length release. Each track exists in and creates its own world (and what worlds they are) from "Oh Momma"'s menacing maternal love to "The Calm"'s plaintive but aggrieved resignation to "The Twist"'s unhinged sociopathic affirmation, and on and on as Ennui Go goes on. But to focus on the songs separately would miss the genius of the album and of the band who are languidly observing and responding to a world that is as achingly gorgeous as it is terrifying and blisteringly fast. It's that world, our world, that the album as a whole inhabits, with Cullum using every knife in the kitchen drawer to hone lyrical figures and to brandish mildly in exuberant paranoia while the band plays on, playing Ennui Go.
  1. O Mama
  2. The Calm
  3. More Soda!
  4. You Don't Plan
  5. Alison Wonder
  6. The Twist
  7. Waterfall
  8. Bornin
  9. Oh Adam